Air Medical Resource Management (AMRM) Overview

The purpose of AMRM is to bring awareness to the human, aviation and program management factors contributing to a safety-minded culture.

How many times can you hear the same old thing before you don’t hear it anymore?

AMRM and CRM at MECA are more than just another mandatory in-service that crewmembers attend. There is active engagement, exchange of ideas, honest self-assessment and ultimately safety behavioral changes. MECA’s internationally recognized experts have provided AMRM training to flight programs all over the world.

MECA’s Air Medical Resource Management program consist of FOUR levels of AMRM courses customized to meet your organization’s unique needs.

AMRM Level I 

For the new Flight program



For the Experienced flight program without a serious or fatal accident


For the Experienced flight program with incidents but no fatalities

AMRM Level IV 

For the flight program with a history of a serious or fatal accident

MECA designed the series of AMRM courses with different levels of crew tenure and program history in mind. By customizing to the needs of our clients, behavior change takes place and safety is enhanced.

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